Re: supplemental downwind sailing configuration for Super Maramu

James Cromie

Thanks for your input Joerg.  
Do you happen to know how many square meters your cruising code zero is?  
What factors  led you to choose a code zero versus an asymmetrical spinnaker? 

Thanks again, 

On Jun 16, 2019, at 7:24 AM, Joerg Esdorn via Groups.Io <jhe1313@...> wrote:

On my 55, i have a cruising code zero on a Factor 4500 top down furler.   It is not necessary to have a bow sprit for this sail.  It attaches to the anchor fitting.  It’s just enough forward of the genoa that it does not interfere with it but it often touches it.  Top down furlers are temperamental beasts.  It takes some tweaking. You have to have A LOT of halyard tension to furl- otherwise it will not furl properly.  I tighten the halyard with my Harken 46 winch in slow gear - the more I lean on it the better.  You have to have a good system that prevents the furling line from running free.  I have a Selden double cam block which works great.   But still, it’s tricky to make it work.  Yesterday the lazy sheet rapped around the furler.  I had to unfurl and start again.  But it’s worth it to have the sail -  it will get the boat going in swells and create apparent wind - I would get it again only maybe a bit bigger.  

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