Re: supplemental downwind sailing configuration for Super Maramu

James Cromie <jamescromie@...>

It helps tremendously Joerg.  Sounds like I need both!

On Jun 17, 2019, at 2:37 AM, Joerg Esdorn via Groups.Io <jhe1313@...> wrote:

James, my Code Zero is 100 m2 and the cloth is relatively light so it be used only up to 14 knots of apparent wind.  I chose the code zero because it is I am able to use it closer to the wind than a standard asym and I have a Parasailor as well for downwind work.  In light air, the apparent wind angle moves forward dramatically when the boat gets going.  So if I want to sail at a true wind angle of 90 because my course over the ground is in that direction, the apparent wind angle could be something like 60 degrees.  I also use the Code 0 in light running conditions because the Parasailor is no good in less than 7 Knots (and because the Code zero is much easier to set up than the Parasailor.  It really depends on how you would use the spinnaker.  I tend to sail rather than motor even in the very light stuff if I can get a sail to draw without banging.  If you always motor in below, say, 8 knots of true wind, just get a AP asym or a parasailor.  The Genoa will be fine in those conditions for reaching.  I hope that helps.   

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