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Another 2 cents…

If you can smell the aroma of gasoline, it is explosive.

As Mark said, the SSB tuner is NOT a spark or arc proof unit and it says so on the installation instructions. It is not unusual for them to make sparks capable of ignition of gasoline vapors. Gasoline vapor is much heavier than atmosphere and difficult to displace. The Amel 54 has special lockers on the port side for all flammables on board including gasoline as was a major request from SM 53 owners we asked/heard from.

I have resold two SM 53 where the furthest aft bulkhead in the owners cabin was displaced forward when the SSB tuner ignited gasoline vapors. This bulkhead is the weak link in an overpressure situation of the aft deck locker. In is not an inexpensive repair to do correctly.

Gasoline containers secured on the aft deck are less likely to get swept and cause damage to the stanchions, as they are generally travelling away from the boarding wave which diminishes the initial ‘pop’ of the wave strike. Containers on the foredeck area have the force of the wave strike increased by the speed that the boat is travelling increasing the initial pop which is the part of the wave action that does the most damage. I have seen stanchions that were twisted from this. Most damage to the life line tubes is caused by large people sitting on the middle of the span. I have spent a lot of time straightening bent stanchions and lifelines in preparing an otherwise nice listing for sale, it is tedious and not much fun.


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Mark, I also agree with you, I sometimes see some small amount of leakage of gas from tanks due to heat and expansion and would never store gas below for the reason you stated . I store my tanks far aft ,where they are less prone to be impacted by waves. 


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I often see world cruisers with cans lashed to stanchions. It seems many of the boats on which I observe this have a set up not as solid as Amel. I have never once heard of a large wave causing damage due to cans lashed. Improperly lashed, maybe. But not damage just because of the location. So I have to ask the question, has this ever happened?


We NEVER have anything lashed to the stanchions.
One decent wave and it would be gone and damage the stanchions.”

(my 2¢) My school of thought is I would rather repair stanchion damage due to a freak wave (if this is possible) than to file an insurance claim because the back end of my boat blow up from gasoline fumes. In my lazarette there are several items that could spark highly explosive gas fumes such as a short in the SSB antenna tuner, outlets or power supplies. Plastic gas cans are not immune to leakage and the threat of a leak can be amplified by abrasion during passages. Gasoline fumes are highly explosive (and heavier than air) and should never be stored in an area not adequately vented.


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1. 10 litre 
2. External outboard motor tank
3. Lazarette - the tank doesn't leak
4. No and I wouldn't do that

We NEVER have anything lashed to the stanchions.
One decent wave and it would be gone and damage the stanchions.

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