bow locker water.

Steve Bell s/y Dusk SM378

Hi All.
          We have just purchased a sm 2000 (378). The previous owner has had a small issue of water in the bow locker not a lot just one or two cups.
We have tried to find any leaks by sealing each locker and shining a bright light around the seals etc.and previously hosing down the lockers whilst also inside to find any leaks to no avail.
Recently the yacht was in the carribean and we had a lot of saragosi weed and upon arriving in the med and cleaning out the lockers we found a lot of seeds from this weed therefore where ever the water is coming  in must be large enough for the seeds to come through we have come to the following possibility that the water is actually coming through the bow thrusters breather pipe. the only way we will test this is by placing some tissue or something similar on the top of the pipe to see if it gets wet.
As we will not be on the boat for another few months i just wondered if anyone has had the same issue and can confirm this can be a possibiity.




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