Re: Gears of bow thruster worn out after 12 times of use, two questions

Willem Kroes

Hi Bill,

After discussions with the mechanic here in Preveza and phone calls with Maud at the Amel factory the following is now clear (to me):

Last year in October I experienced suddenly a screaming noise and no thrust anymore. I went to the Ascar Boatyard in Cartagena Spain and after opening they showed me worn out gears, not having grip at each other. So I ordered the kit from Amel and the mechanic of the Ascar boatyard experienced problems with the installation of the new end cap (part of the kit). The screw holes in the cap not matching the holes in the foot and also a difference in diameter between the old cap (just fitting) and the new cap going in very easy (new cap 84,02 mm and old cap 84,34 mm). So he used the old cap, but did nit notice that also the inside of the new cap was 0,25 mm more towards the bearing, compared to the old cap. He installed without checking the play by pushing and pulling the propeller hub after installation. The mechanic here at the Aktio Marina boatyard told me that there was a very big amount of play causing the premature failing of the gears. So he suggested to use spacers to control the amount of play. After consulting an Amel technician, Maud told me that using the new cap of the kit will result in a correct, very small amount of play between the gear wheels, but using the old cap will result in a premature extreme wear of the gears. She also told me that it is possible that the screw holes in the new cap will not correspond with the wholes in the foot and that also the diameter of the new cap is somewhat smaller than of the old cap. The Amel technician agreed that a solution can be reached with using the old cap with placing a spacer of about 0,25 mm against the bearing to correct the difference in inside depth compared to the new cap.

I still find it a little strange that Amel is supplying a not fitting end cap with the kit they sell to replace the bearings and gears of the foot of the bow thruster. She offered me a 20% discount on the price of the new kit.

Best regards,

Willem Kroes



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