Chesapeake Bay mooring/slip for 2 months?

Scott SV Tengah

Hi all,

We're in The Bahamas now heading to the Chesapeake area for a bit and plan to leave Tengah, our A54 for 2 months to visit family and travel overland.

I know many of you are either from there or have spent far more time there than me (me = zero). Does anyone have suggestions for a place to leave her for July and August? I would prefer something cheap, obviously. Anywhere in the Chesapeake is fine as we are visiting my family in DC and am not opposed to traveling a bit overland to get there. Most of the places I've emailed either are too shallow (eg - "Do you mind bumping on the mud at low tide?") or can't handle boats of this size.

A mooring or a slip is fine. I won't be living aboard except maybe a few days on the frontend to prepare to leave her and on the backend to fix the things that broke while we are gone. :)

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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