Re: Flag etiquette

Davi Rozgonyi

I don't know much about where to fly my own flag (it's off the stern on the Amel pole, about an inch per foot of boat as is about right, and in any case I don't care much as it is a convenience country). But I do know that hanging around here in Sicily the last few months, I have seen exactly ZERO visiting boats who bothered to put up the Sicilian flag (same went in Sardinia last month before here). Went looking for one after a week in port, found it, hoisted it right below the Italian courtesy, and watched the attitudes of anybody local change immediately from stranger-friendly to family-friendly. A number of direct positive comments as well, including from the Costeria who waved instead of boarded. Don't neglect local flags because here, as an example, Sicilians consider themselves more Sicilian than actual Italian. Same for Sardinia, and I'm sure many other regions around the world. Just my 2 cents on flags....

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