Re: Gaining Access to the upright Freezer in the Galley

Peter Forbes


Yes I did that and I’m no expert craftsman. I can’t remember exactly how but it is all quite clear as you progress. I seem to remember that you do have to remove the cross bar of wood at the base front edge and then the whole device slides out quite easily.

Sorry not to be more specific but just to reassure it is not that difficult.

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Hello gents (and ladies)

I am wondering if anyone on the A-54 has been able to get access to the guts of the upright fridge/freezer in the galley. I think we’ve had a gas leak and need to re-braze and the access is minimal through the little mesh grate.

What’s the process?  On the SM2k (thanks for the gander Quetzal) it’s a simple 2 bolts in front (aft) of the washing machine.

Any thoughts or tips would be quite appreciated. The fridge guy is 90$/hr here in Tahiti. I’d rather not use his expertise on removal!

Thanks as always to this great brain trust.

S/V Ibis. Tahiti.

Excuse the errors.
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