Re: Flag etiquette

Joerg Esdorn

Very helpful, Peter.  So at anchor I must carry the ensign in the standard position for any Amel: at the aft rail.  But while underway, I can carry it either in the same position or, alternatively, at the top of the mizzen mast if the standard position is "impractical".  That's certainly what we always did on my family's ketch many moons ago.  dThat gets it out of the way of the solar panels and out of earshot.  Now if only the US Power Squadron would agree with those rules - mine is a US flagged vessel after all.   :<).   Additional problem is all those antennas at the top of the mizzen mast - I don't want the flag to get into the way of those.  Hence my question whether anyone has done it and what the mechanics look like.  Do you need a very long pigstick?  

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