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What you bought on ebay is the same company that I mentioned to Ian. They started as a very small company, but had huge success with Cast Stainless Steel. You and I bought the Yanmar for about $270 on eBay. The Volvo TMD22 is much more difficult to make.


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You may want to spend a little bit of time searching eBay. I have Yanmar and found a stainless steel elbow on eBay that has worked perfectly. Good luck with the hunt.



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I want to replace the exhaust elbow on my Volvo TMD22. As usual, Volvo OEM price is very high. $1,050USD. There is an aftermarket supplier in the U.K. (Parts4Engines) listing a SS elbow for $500. Has anyone had their elbow custom machined in SS and if so, what was the price?

Many thanks.

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