Re: super maramu, vibrations generated when the engine is running

Barry Connor

Hi Nick, we are anchored outside next to the power boat. Would you like to come for coffee.

Barry and Penny 
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On Jun 21, 2019, at 09:50, ngtnewington Newington via Groups.Io <ngtnewington@...> wrote:

On my last boat I used to have a fixed three blade prop and there was some vibration. It was a traditional shaft  and stern tube arrangement. I spent ages realigning the engine. Then I pulled the shaft and sent it with the prop to a machine shop. The shaft was true but the prop was not balanced properly. I decided to buy a feathering prop and keep the old as a spare. No more vibration....So it could be the prop.
Amelia AML 54-019 Paxos

On 21 Jun 2019, at 08:43, "jlm@..." <jlm@...> wrote:

Hello everyone
I have two friends who have a SM (1997 and 1999) who after having changed all the mounts  and the coupling of the engine have a significant residual vibration.
Both have the distinction of having a fixed three-blade propeller.
Would there be in our group a person who had this problem or could have a track?
Jean Luc

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