Re: super maramu, vibrations generated when the engine is running

Merci Peter, Many thanks for this help full informations, I will check the C drive movement as soon as possible ....

Have a nice day....

JL Mertz


Le 24/06/2019 à 03:04, Peter de Groot a écrit :
I just replaced that bushing on la Querida SM207 last week.
After replacing the fixed 19" prop with the original Autoprop (that the previous owner had removed) I found the vibration had increased.  When checking the C drive movement above the keel weight, there was more than 5mm but less than 10mm movement.  It seemed excessive, I checked in with Bill R, and then scraped away the sealing material.  In my case the bolt was loose.  so I found a soft but tight bushing material and reassembled making sure the bolt was snug. This has been the first weekend out since replacing and the vibration seem less, but not eliminated....(I know ...not very scientific).

Worthy of a mention:  To get the bolt centered, lateral adjustment (port to starboard) is easy, fore and aft adjustment is much stiffer.  My fore and aft alignment was 3 to 4 mm off in its unflexed state.  I could get alignment perfect by prying with considerable leverage.   Instead I opted for a softer hose material which absorbed the misalignment. I concluded the fore-aft alignment could be affected by too many factors in the engine compartment, and pressed for time I chose not to investigate further. 
I'd be curious if any other Amelites have found similar conditions.

Peter de Groot
la Querida SM207
Moss Landing, California

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