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Patrick McAneny

Gary, I too have white areas on the aft lid showing thru and a few other places as well. Its been bothering me for years. The stripes are almost nonexistent ,and I don't mine the uniform color of the deck. I believe it looks better with the lines,but looks pretty good without them also, thus I have been thinking about repainting the entire deck one color ,slightly lighter to reduce the temp. Once the edges were  taped out ,it would only take a couple of hours to roll n tip the entire deck with awlgrip . I roll n tipped my topsides 12 years ago and it only took me and a friend two hrs. per coat and you could not tell that it was not sprayed on. This winter I am having the boat repainted , sprayed this time ,to repair damage to the paint job ,that result from an improperly anchored 47 ft. cat that drug down on us in Guadeloupe at 4 am in 25 kts., sounded like a stick of dynamite went off in the boat. Beware of charter cats ! Lots of windage and they rent them to anyone with a credit card. Hardly ever see them anchor properly,I better not get started on that ,forgive the venting.
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On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 05:00 AM, Thomas Peacock wrote:
One question: how has the non-slip surface held up with the new paint?
Hi Thomas.  The original light brown colored faux teak, while somewhat oxidized, is in good shape everywhere except the stern lazarette cover (the garage lid).  That was evidently made by the apprentices at Amel and the gel coat there was brushed on rather than sprayed into the mold.  This left a very non-uniform thickness of the gel coat and patches of brush mark pattern wore thru years ago.  Still dithering about how to deal with that issue.  Joel has indicated (thru the grapevine third hadn't) that the gel coat on that hatch is always the first too fail. 

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