Re: Rudder Post Conjecture

Gary Wells

Eric,  thanks for the heads-up on rust bullet.  I ~will~ find some.  I've already primed and painted  with plain Rustoleum and it turned out well.  Putting the hardware back together was not difficult at all.
Inserting the new strips of stuffing is also.pretty easy. They appear to be a bit too long and require some length-wise compression as you feed it into the slot.  I gently tapped around it using the wide end of a center punch (not the point) and then used the big nut to cinch it down into the tube.  Added the second one, did the same and then the third.

Three is definitely the number that fits when new.  No way a fourth one will go in there.

I'm not real.certainnhow tight to cinch it all.down, so it's half-way between "that ought to" and "motorcycle tight".  
This leaves a good portion of the nut's threads exposed; perhaps five turns worth

One item noticed with the nut up so high is that it contacted the lock nut holding the bonding wired.  The nut is bigger than the head of the bolt so push the bolt through from the bottom. Do this ~before~ you cinch the armature into position :). 

Kent, do not fear!!   And, knowing what I know .. find a smallish (Honda style) car jack.  It fits under the long arm of the crank and can put upward pressure to break it free with some (5 lb sledge) light tapping (which was heard throughout the yard) :)

I've used quite a bit of anti-seize in the reassembly and I'm putting a.five-year look-see/cleaning flag on this one. 

Now .. on to C-drive seals and bow thruster stuff!

Gary W.
SM 209, Adagio
Hot and dry in Maryland. 

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