outhaul and main furling gear box

Mike Ondra

I thought we were in luck when I found a Bonfiglioli distributor within
a half hour drive from home in Hatfield, PA. And with damage to one
bearing, the seals, the worm gear itself, and the housing fairly
corroded, I figured time to replace the whole thing rather than
rebuild. With the support of Robin Cooter's part numbers and digital
picturs of the one we're working on, the local rep cannot make sense of
Robin's numbers and has not been able to find a Bonfiglioli gearbox
that anyone in the US recognizes as similar to the pictures. They
expect it will be a week or two until Italy looks at the information
and determines if indeed it is a Bonfiglioli and if they indeed still
carry them.

Has anyone a part number on the square shaped gearboxes used on the SM
and are they indeed Bonfiglioli (or other) in manufacture? US Source?

Pat, how has your gearbox story developed?

Mike Ondra
Aletes SM 240

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