Jammed top roller Genoa

ngtnewington Newington

I am hoping to shed some light on my current problem. I did a short sail today in 10 kn of true wind. The Genoa halyard needed some tension so I cranked the halyard but actually the lashing had perished. After a few seconds, maybe 30 I saw that the sail was coming down. So I quickly tacked with headsail backed and dropped it on deck. I then anchored off Corfu town and found a friendly Frenchman to winch me up the mast. Alas the top furling drum is completely jammed. It went up easily when I cranked it, probably right up maybe off the foil I do not know. Now I am stuck. I tried winching it down. I tried winching it up. Solid.
I really do not want to drop the for-stay unless I have to. Any ideas?
Amelia AML54-019
anchored off Corfu town

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