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Only advice I can give about anchoring technique is in soft mud (lots on the Chesapeake).  Let your anchor settle into the mud for a while, then back down on it slowly to give it time to find it’s way into more packed mud deeper down.

I didn’t find the Delta to hold reliably in any conditions when the wind or current changed the direction of pull.  A couple of potential disasters when we dragged and didn’t reset.
After 7 years, my Rocna 40kg nearly always sets the first time and has only dragged twice when fouled on debris.  I just bought an 85lb Mantus to carry as a spare primary as it comes apart and lays flat in the bottom of the bow locker.  I carry two Fortress anchors to use as second anchor in very rare conditions.

I gave the Delta away.

Kent & Iris
Kristy SM243

On Jun 26, 2019, at 3:37 PM, Paul Brown <feeder.brown@...> wrote:

I bought my 55 April 2018 and anchored the majority of the time last season in various bottom conditions using the delta anchor over the wasi as I found the wasi to drag easily in mid and weed and difficult to set well. The delta which is also much lighter the wasi would set very well and usually on the first attempt. I find the wasi to only set well in sand,,, am I doing something wrong I wonder? I’m considering a Rocna or Ultimate as the primary and keep the delta as the secondary, it’s easy to launch from a dingy also.

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