Re: Fixed Port Lights - Maramu

Andy Croney

Hi Christian ,

Thanks for your feedback.

Apologies for the unintended ambiguity.

We are changing the four fixed a acrylic /Perspex windows, two port and starboard in the saloon and two in the aft cabin.

We see the saloon =E2=80=9C windows=E2=80=9D are 8mm thick and the aft cabin=
only 6mm.

We believe they may be original !!

We believe Sikaflex has been used as the sealant.
We intend to reseal using Dow 795 .

Apologies about not attaching the thumbnail. I had some
issues posting it ;-)

Trust above is helpful by way of clarification.

Fair winds

Andy Croney
SV Paladin
Maramu #75

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