Stuck top furling

ngtnewington Newington

What happened: the lashing between head is sail and top drum failed. The top drum sprang into the black plastic stop at the top of foil and jammed solid.
Could not winch it down.
After sleeping on it. I figured to drop the aluminium foil to bottom of the Bamar, a good 50cm drop. This gave me room to see what was going on. Then on inspection I could see that the Amel arms that thread onto nuts were the culprit. Backed out the arms and prised the nuts free. Then the drum was easy and smooth to drop.

1. Use dyneema for top lashing on all the sails.
2. Maybe fly Genoa very slightly lower down the foil. Leaving say six inches to the black end cap when tensioned.
3. Sleep on it and think....
Amelia AML 54-019

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