Waiting new AMEL 54 owner

Ralph Heilig

Dear AMEL 54 owners,

I wan't to introduce myself to the group. I have ordered an new 54
which will be finished in November 2009. I have done a lot of online
research and this forum was the most essential source for
informations. Thanks all of you for posting your comments and tips.
Now, since there are so many options I would really appreciate any
feedback of your experiences with with all the possible "extras". What
worked well and what you would decide different if you would have the
chance again. We are currently sailing in the Med with a 41" Bavaria,
which we own since about 10 years. Since the AMEL is totaly new for
us, if there are any Amel 54 owners out there who might require
someone to help with watchkeeping during a passage, I would be
delighted to assist and learn a bit about the 54. Naturally, I will
arrange for my own travel to and from the boat and I'm happy to
contribute towards any subsistence costs. (thanks to Rodger Fredericks
who also started a nearly same thread when he purchased his new 54 in
2006). Since I know no 54 owner I hope to get in touch with some to
learn from their experience.

Many thanks and fair winds.


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