Due to numerous requests, we have added a new subgroup which is ShareParts. This is a subgroup of Amel Yacht Owners Group. Membership is limited to members of Amel Yacht Owners Group. The purpose of this subgroup is to have a place where Amel yacht owners can post parts wanted or extra parts for sale. We want to ensure that this group does not interfere with parts sales by SAV@.... NO COMMERCIAL LISTINGS.

It is important that when you no longer have something for sale, and/or if you have found the part you are looking for, that you update your Original Topic by either deleting it or by replying to the Original Topic. If this is not done, the subgroup messages will become a meaningless list and we will be forced to delete it.

This is a link to the Message Topics: https://amelyachtowners.groups.io/g/ShareParts/topics
This is an email address that allows you to post a New Topic in SpareParts, even if you have not joined the subgroup: ShareParts@AmelYachtOwners.groups.io

Here are all other SpareParts email addresses you can use:
CW Bill Rouse
720 Winnie St
Galveston Island, TX 77550
+1(832) 380-4970


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