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James Cromie

Courtney - 
I just did the passage from Martinique to Bequia with my father and  mother, who has never done an open water crossing in a sail boat and she is 75. 

We did an afternoon crossing from Le Marin to Rodney Bay which was a very pleasant broad reach. I never checked in to St Lucia.  We pulled anchor at 0430 and sailed a broad reach to beam reach for the 72 miles to Bequia, arriving at 1600, just shy of 12 hrs.   The Anchorage is easy.  The last stretch between St Vincent and Bequia is fast - I overtook two catamarans coming in to Bequia whole cruising at 9+ knots.  

We had slightly brisker conditions than average, with winds at 25 knots and seas 5'-6', but that is more than the average.  

My mother didn't seem uncomfortable at all, and she is generally rather anxious!

I opted to not stop at St Vincent due to the reported higher theft rate.  My anxious mother was happy with kept going!

Fair winds. 

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Thanks sounds like I have options 

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Hi Courtney, we spent in January one night in Cumberland Bay swinging at anchor and had a good time.  Unfortunately there is only one point where you can anchor at a reasonable depth (10/15 metres).  It is on the left upon entering.
The rest of the bay is too deep.  However, there are numerous buoys available (negotiate the price), or anchor and tie a cable to a palm tree.
Same situation in Wallilabu Bay.
For one night you can avoid making entry formalities to the country.
On the way back, starting from the Pitons, we had a good wind and we arrived as far as Bequia without having to stop at SV.
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So Saturday I get a new crew in St Lucia heading south.  I really don’t want to abuse them with a first long sail to Bequia so does anyone have a recommendation in st Vincent? Cheers
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