Engine room blower- what I learned

Thomas Kleman

My 2 yr old mastervolt 100 amp charger failed; it's replacement (100 amp victron) did an ambient temp partial shutdown. My observation was that the 220 volt blower activated by the genset was very weak. I decided to replace it.

The blower that is failing is a Climma Compact EH blower. Tried new capacitor; still little air. At first wasn't sure why Amel chose this route and not a strong 220 volt industrial extractor fan. Now I know; 10 hrs of research yielded no suitable replacement in this area. Marine extractor blowers are all 12 or 24 volts. Nothing found that's 220.

I considered a 12 or 24 volt replacement like the other blowers in the engine room. My 100 amp victron charger has starter battery connections I could use. I almost never run the genset without the big charger on. Problem- starter battery port on victron puts out 4 amps; blower needs 5.3. Considered connection 12 amp blower to genset alternator circuit but feared same problem. Considered 24 volt blower to a separate switch in galley; maybe I'd forget to turn it on and I like stupid-proof solutions. I grudgingly came to the conclusion that Amel did it this way because it was the most elegant solution.

Called coastal climate control in Maryland. They had a slightly used blower with capacitor and steel mounting (exact match) for $130. Decided to go in that direction as my attempt to innovate yielded no better options.

If this saves one owner some time it's worth it.

Thomas Kleman
SM2K 422

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