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Nick Newington

Hi Allen,
I had my rigging changed with mast up in Grenada by “Turbulence” rigging.  It took a couple of days, and was done in pairs, so say both port and starboard cap shrouds were taken off, then new made up and fitted, tensioned snug. Etc until the whole job was done. Then finally tuned and fully tensioned.
In terms of inspecting the mast, I believe it is easier whilst up  apart from seeing the underside of the bottom where it is stepped.

Amelia near Corfu
AML 54-019

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Hi Alan,

I had Kimberlite re-rigged by the Amel riggers in Martinique last year. It was beautiful to watch.

It took two men 2 days to do with the mast in place.

They took down the port and starboard wires in pairs , made up the rigging with Acmo components and put them back in place. While they were changing the rigging another person was polishing the chainplates.


After watching this done I cannot understand why the  rigger you spoke to wants to take down the mast. While the headstay was down they also rebuilt the genoa furler.


I would suggest you speak to another rigger, They can inspect the top of the mast in place..

If I am not mistaken Amel suggests every 15 years, My rigging was 16 years old. I had them cut open a few swages and no rust in them and no problems after 80,000 miles.


Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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Hello, I'm about to rerig our Super Maramu and the riggers are saying that they would prefer to pull the masts and that it should be done every 7 years or so anyway.
I have ordered rigging from Acmo and the riggers are quite happy to let me change it out once it is on the ground which saves a few dollars.
My questions are, does the rig need to be pulled every 7 years?
While the mast is down what other maintenance items are advisable to do? I will be servicing motors, gearboxes, checking foils, swivels, running a couple of new wires and spot painting corrosion.
What other important jobs am I missing?
Alan Grayson
SV Ora Pai SM 406
Annapolis, MD

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