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Unless you have a very specific problem or reason to do it, I would not pull the masts. And 7 years old and re-rigging are definitely not good reasons. You will probably spend more and take more risks.

But if you decide to go that way you can take the opportunity to also check the pad/rubber sole under both masts. Just by looking before taking the masts down, you might have an idea of what to expect, so you can order the part in advance and save some time.

On top of the good suggestions from others, I like to open all antenna domes, clean contacts and check the rubber seals. Lost one radar antenna to moisture once. But again, this can easily be done with masts up too.


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Em ter, 2 de jul de 2019 às 08:20, Craig Briggs via Groups.Io <> escreveu:

With your new rigging coming from ACMO and therefore ready to hang, plus your plan to do it yourself anyway, just do it all yourself without pulling the mast. Katherine and I did ours in the water over just a few days, taking it slow to minimize the time each day in the bosun's chair. It's easy-peasy and you'll have the confidence of knowing it's done correctly. It ain't rocket science.  If you want to refresh the mast wiring while you're at it, that's pretty easy too.

I recall stepping aboard one of this forum's member's SM's when he first got it and had had it "professionally" re-rigged after shipping. First thing I saw was no bolts in the backstay turnbuckle - and we were to jump offshore for a few days; yikes.  As the saying goes, if you want it done right, do it yourself. Or, if you're not up to diy, "you get what you inspect, not what you expect".

Cheers, Craig SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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