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Alan Grayson

Hi All, thanks for the comments, I have spoken with the rigger again today to verify what everyone has said.
He said he did not mind doing the work with the mast up but said if I needed to do anything else now is a good time to do it.
Cost, should be close to even after calculating cost of labor for 2 and a bit days VS cost of crane, them doing final prep work before pulling, then refitting and tuning, I will be doing all prep work, switching out the rigging wires and rehookup once installed. They will store the mast free for 2 weeks.
The rigger asked if there was any other work I could do if the mast was pulled, answer is a big yes, I can pull some new wire, change the deck light, spot paint a bunch of corrosion spots ( no paint on deck), change AIS antenna plus servicing the gearboxes etc.
The rigger has done a couple of Amels before as he asked about the condition of the mast pads.
I plan on being in the carribean this winter so will get Amel Martinique to retune as it should stretch a bit by then.
As an Aircraft Engineer I feel confident in being able to do this work and as I'm new to this boat( I have owned a boat for 20 years) it will be a great learning experience as well as a chance to fix a few other things that would be easier to do with the mast down.
Alan Grayson
SV Ora Pai. SM 406
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Hi Alan,


I would go to another rigger.  Your rig should be so tight that there will never be a shock load.  I changed my rigging after 60,000 miles and 18 years (not quite as far as Eric, and it appeared to be in good shape, like Eric’s.  I think that trick is to keep it Amel tight.  A rigger who does not know the boat will not make it tight enough.   I see no reason to take the mast out except to charge you more.


Warm regards,


s/y Ladybug, sm216 , Newport RI Harbor.

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