Re: Replacing rubber parts in Vetus Type 6 Flexible coupling 35mm shaft

smiles bernard

Hi James 
I watched a mechanic undo mine when I had the engine mounts replaced 
No special tools were used
As far as I remember there were a series of bolts around the outer perimeter that connected the 2 halves. The bolt heads I think had holes in to allow for seizing wire 
Once undone and the shaft pulled aft the rubber cones that sit on shafts were exposed 
We want to replace mine to but could source them at the time very easily so it’s something I might have a go at soon. 

All the very best
Heading back to the uk as soon as the weather allows !

On 1 Jul 2019, at 11:30, James Alton via Groups.Io <lokiyawl2@...> wrote:

   Looking for advice on the disassembly and replacement of the rubber parts on what appears to be an original Vetus Type 6 Flexible coupling on the 35mm shaft of my1987  Marmu.  (No C drive)  If I will  need any specialty tools such as the collar wrench for the job please let me know.  


James Alton
SV Sueno
Maramu #220
Arbatax,  Sardinia

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