Re: Replacing rubber parts in Vetus Type 6 Flexible coupling 35mm shaft

James Alton

   Thanks for your input. I now have my Vetus Flexible coupling apart.  Removal of the forward half of the coupling is simply a matter of removal of the coupling bolts. This exposes the forward half of the rubber doughnuts. It looks like if the coupling bolts and the aft coupling half was cocked that it might provide enough clearance to remove the rubber doughnuts, not sure.  The collar nut traps the coupling bolts.  The proper way appears to be to remove the collar nut which allows the aft half of the coupling to slid aft, completely exposing the doughnuts.  The collar nut is to be tightened to 130 pounds using a spanner wrench that is 20" long so something around 200 foot pounds.  I was able to find a thin wrench only 9 inches long so I was pretty concerned that removal and retightening the collar nut might be impossible, hence my posted question.  It turns out however that after lots of soaking with penetrating oil that the collar nut easily unscrewed by tapping the short spanner wrench with a rawhide mallet so clearly the nut was already loose.  So I now have complete access to the rubber doughnuts and this will be an easy job so long as the spanner wrench does not fold up trying to torque the collar nut.  Vetus lists a 60-90mm 20 inch long spanner wrench on their website but show  no stock.  I think I will try to find a spanner wrench that exactly fits the collar nut to have aboard.  I think the adjustable wrench will pop out of the slot in the collar nut if tapped with a hammer.  I purchased a package of the rubber doughnuts from Amel and a second package from SVB24. I am about to find out of they are correct.  The original rubber doughnuts actually look to be in quite good shape so perhaps they have been replaced.

   Send me PM sometime and update us on your Atlantic crossing.  If you would like any photos of the Vetus coupling disassembled let me know.

James Alton
SV Sueno

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Hi James 
I watched a mechanic undo mine when I had the engine mounts replaced 
No special tools were used
As far as I remember there were a series of bolts around the outer perimeter that connected the 2 halves. The bolt heads I think had holes in to allow for seizing wire 
Once undone and the shaft pulled aft the rubber cones that sit on shafts were exposed 
We want to replace mine to but could source them at the time very easily so it’s something I might have a go at soon. 

All the very best
Heading back to the uk as soon as the weather allows !

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   Looking for advice on the disassembly and replacement of the rubber parts on what appears to be an original Vetus Type 6 Flexible coupling on the 35mm shaft of my1987  Marmu.  (No C drive)  If I will  need any specialty tools such as the collar wrench for the job please let me know.  


James Alton
SV Sueno
Maramu #220
Arbatax,  Sardinia

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