Re: Poor Anchor Chain Maintenance

James Sterling

I've learned many things from this boat.  The original angular anchor chain washdown attachment is missing and probably no longer made.  One could convert the line to fresh water but I'm told that the original wash pump did not have a pressure switch so putting a hand sprayer on it or one that doesn't would pop a breaker.  The shortest distance between two points for us was to use our zero G waterhose we keep onboard.  Put quick connects on it and attached it to the vertical cockpit shower valve under the helm seat.  The hose will reach the entire boat for washing off boat salt and my wife uses a hand sprayer to wash the anchor chain and anchor as it comes up.  Then it's stowed away.  The fresh water pump has a pressure switch on it so no worries.  It's not super high pressure but it's sufficient.   The hawse pipe has been plugged with a piece of foam rubber insulation around the chain.  We learned that lesson after 14 hours of 40knt winds and 10ft seas a 1 1/2 seconds apart.  Every couple of seconds we had our nose under the water submarining through the waves.   First time in my life I've ever gotten really sea sick.

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