Re: AMEL 54 watertank compartments - access to clean


The SM & 54 have 2 partitions inside the freshwater tank and 3 inspection ports. The partitions do not go all the way to the bottom of the tank allowing water to flow throughout the entire tank. 

The inspection ports in a SM or 54 are located:
1.) Under the forward facing galley door opening fridge.
2.) Under the galley floor.
3.) Under the forward facing salon table seat, under the fridge/freezer, which is likely under this seat. This fridge/freezer is very difficult to remove.

By far the easiest to gain access to is #2 above.

It is NOT necessary to remove the top opening fridge/freezer in a 54, or the clothes washer in a SM because there is no access port below these. 

For all of the reasons above a chemical sterilization of the freshwater tank through port #2 above is my recommend choice. 

I will note that your Amel Manual recommends chlorine for this purpose, however doesn't offer much detail. I suggest that you refer to the instructions I posted earlier regarding chlorine concentration, length of time, and tank rinsing. If you feel that your tank requires more chlorine, I suggest that you double the chlorine quantity I specified and add 1 more rinse. 

Hope this helps. 


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On Thu, Jul 4, 2019, 7:55 AM Mark & Debbie Mueller <brass.ring@...> wrote:
We cleaned the water tank on our 54 shortly after purchase.  We know Amel did not build all boats the same but I cannot believe they would make a significant change such as going from one to three tanks.  To verify open the port you show in front of the galley refrigerator and get rough dimensions on the tank, convert to cubic feet, then to gallons - 1 cu ft equals 7.48 gallons.  The tank extends forward and aft under the chest refrig/freezer & galley refrig.  We have one tank on this boat.  Removing the under seat freezer would be difficult (understatement).
Mark Mueller
Brass Ring  A54

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