Re: Question to Amel 55 owners

Paul Brown

Ok Hans, I understand now, I have just completed the bottom maintenance on my 55 and certainly didn’t see any such crack or signs of a such a thing

Best of luck and of course hope it’s only in the gel coat layer.

Regards Paul 55#17

On 5 Jul 2019, at 5:55 pm, Hans-Joerg Wildhagen <carpediemsail@...> wrote:

Hi Paul 
Actually I am in Germany and the boat is in Panama.
It is between the rudder and the foldable bathing plattform with the ladder
Regards Hans-Jörg

Paul Brown <feeder.brown@...> schrieb am Fr. 5. Juli 2019 um 17:31:
Could you please send wider image it is difficult for me to see the reference area?

Regards Paul 55#17

On 5 Jul 2019, at 3:57 pm, Hans-Joerg Wildhagen <carpediemsail@...> wrote:

Dear all Amel 55 Owners

does one of you have this „crack“ problems at the Stern above the rudder?
Thank you
Hans-Jörg Wildhagen
SY WASABI hull 13

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