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Hi Joel;

this may explain my problem. I got a new wheelcover from Amel for the standard SM wheel. Did not fit.It was clearly made for a smaller diameter wheel. When we were at Amel in La Rochelle I took it up with Maud. They gave me another saying this is the one!!!!

I came home and it was the same. Amel insist it is the right one, but it aint, not for my wheel. It is a narrow spoke type and has the Henri signed cover for the center boss so it is an Amel wheel. Maud told me I just wasnt using the right technique but perhaps you have given me the answer.



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Thanks Ann Sophie. I vaguely remember that after the composite wheel like the one on your boat was introduced, Amel got about 10 wheels in stainless steel that they forgot to cancel the order on.   Some boats delivered in 1998 and maybe even beyond had the second generation stainless steel wheel which had different dimensions from the early example supplied from the beginning of SM 53 production.


This tells us to always send the measurements of your wheel when replacing the leather because type and size were not always consistent with a particular model year which for Amel spanned September to the following August.


Have fun with your Amel, Joel



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To confirm that the metal wheel is changed. This wheel is on S/Y Lady Annila, SM 232 built 1998.




Ann-Sofie Svanberg



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6 juli 2019 kl. 12:34 skrev amelforme <jfpottercys@...>:

If you obtain any of the excellent "mail order" wheel leather kits, there were three distinctly different wheels on the Super Maramu. Two are stainless steel, one is composite. Not sure when the stainless one evolved but 1998 rings a bell but don't quote me. I believe the composite wheel on the 54 was the same on all.

When I asked Jacques Carteau why the switch to composite, he said 'weight '.

He explained the inertial loads on the chain drive autopilot are greatly reduced with the lighter wheel making it last much longer. Then he showed me linear drive to the rudder quadrant. At the end that is not attached to the rudder, the drive unit is through bolted with rubber squares about 1/4" thick. You have to look hard to see them. He explained that they absorb the 'pop' when the unit changes direction, again, making it last longer.

There are so many little details that make Amel boats what they are. Many of you that I have sold a boat to are probably smiling as you recall how enthusiastic I get when showing many of these unique details to prospects for the first time. 

Nobody builds a boat like Amel does.




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There is a leather upholstery gentleman near vista mar in Panama. He does surprisingly good work at a very reasonable price. We got steering wheel and new seat etc for 200us. 


After that then dinghy cover, winch covers etc. 




+507 6008 0629




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Excuse the errors.  

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Boat Leather is a Preferred Yacht School vendor and they have measurements for SM and 54. Contact Tom Armantrout at Tom"at" or 1-206-284-9110




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Hi Tom
We replaced ours with a kit from these guys
You just need to measure your wheel as they show and order whatever colour you want.
The kit comes with everything you need and instructions to sew it on.
It is a slow job believe me, but worth it in the end.
Good luck.
Elyse SM437




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