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I had a chat to the chandler here at Scarborough Mark, he does not
have Kevlar. He says this has very poor UV resistance. He suggests
that Spectra of which he stocks, has less than 5% stretch and
demonstrated to me the difference between the double braided (which I
have used and had to tighten twice) and the Spectra inner cores. The
Spectra also has a good UV resistance. Perhaps I might try the Spectra
myself since I have had some experience with slipping on the outhaul.

Tradewinds III, SM 171 - Scarborough

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I am looking to replace my outhaul line. I took a piece of it to
chandlers in New Caledonia and Australia without luck. I have tried
the endura braid from New England ropes but it is prone to slip no
matter what I do. Can anyone tell me the make and specs of the
outhaul line that comes from Amel with the Super Maramu? Thanks.

Sabbatical III, currently in Scarborough Marina, Australia

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