Re: Manual Outhaul system

Matt Salatino

Would it be just as easy to replace the motor?
I’m sure Amel doesn’t wind their own motors, and someone knows the source?


On Jul 11, 2019, at 2:42 PM, Ellen Cahill <ellencahill@...> wrote:


We have had a number of issues with out mainsail outhaul motor and so we have had to macgyver a manual system more than once. We hope to fix/replace the motor but I'd like a more permanent solution for a manual outhaul system that you could engage. 

Has anyone here figured something out?

I plan to use the existing outhaul car and line. To do so I plan to remove the center bolt from the grip to disengage the motor and make a pin bracket to fit in the grip and allow it to spin without the motor. I can then have a new outhaul line from the back of the boom, thought a pully attached to the car, back through a check block on the boom and up to a cleat on the boom, close to the goose neck. 

It would be great to hear some thoughts on this.

Ellen Cahill, 

SV Saol Nua
Amel Mango

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