Re: Hoping to tour an Amel Santorin in USA

Ian Park

I think you will find that every Santorin owner on the owners site will say it is the right boat for them. For us it’s been perfect.
One question though is what height are you? At 5’10” the aft double berth is just right if I was much over 6’ it would be a bit short. The forward bunks are fine, but not much good on s heavy sea.
I didn’t want a Super Maramu because they cost a lot more, I didn’t need the extra length and I was worried about the extra things to service/look after / like air con, washing machine, generator etc.
But I wouldn’t say no to one now.
Agree with the comment about the ketch rig. It’s great.
Any specific questions you have will be answered by a number of owners cruising oceans and living aboard.
Good luck.

Ocean Hobo. SN96

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