Re: Hoping to tour an Amel Santorin in USA

Craig Briggs

I don't remember all the details but some years ago we met another Santorin owner in the Med who had extended the aft berth with a "foot-well" into the aft locker area. I recall he was a cabinet maker and it was a good looking "Amel-like" job that did not seem to compromise anything structural and retained the water-tight aft lazarette, albeit making that a bit smaller.

We modified ours at one point with a filler piece of plywood and a couple of supports that gave us athwartship sleeping.  That gave a very long berth that was comfy in a roll. I had engineered it to be changeable at will so now we have three possible layouts: 1. Two separate berths; 2. one single to starboard and a double to port; and 3. an extra long, extra wide athwartship "king" size berth.

Lotsa ways to skin a cat.  

Craig Briggs SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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