Re: Outhaul

Bob Fritz


When I took your boat to St. Martin a while ago, we had a bad time with the outhaul slipping. As I recall, you had just replaced the line. I tightened it as much as I could in Bermuda, but it was of no avail. We finally put a line on the clew, and cleated it to the end of the boom. As it was a rough and windy passage, this made reefing rather inconvenient. If you replaced that line, and there is still slippage, I wonder if there is a mechanical problem of some sort, such as wear on the outhaul fitting at the gooseneck that allows the line to slip. I suggest this because I have not had this problem on any other SMs that I've sailed, but again I don't know whether the outhaul line was original on them.

Good the hear that you are out there living the dream.


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