Re: Hoping to tour an Amel Santorin in USA

Scott Brown

Hi Will,

I’ve spent a couple of nights sleeping in the aft cabin of a Maramu, I’m 6 feet tall and found it quite comfortable. I’m assuming the Santorin dimensions are comparable but hopefully someone can verify this?

I’ve also heard of a few owners who have customised the aft cabin layout to incorporate a larger bed, so I’m sure there are ways to squeeze in taller owners :o)

Have you considered a Maramu? There are more on the market and they will often be lower in price than Santorin’s.

Aesthetically I prefer the sugar scoop rear of the Santorin but beyond this I think they are quite similar - anyone care to chime in with any other major differences between the two models?

Not sure if you have looked around a Super Maramu? If your budget can stretch, the additional space will be most welcome if you plan to have guests on board on a regular basis. If you plan to sail solo or as a couple, then the Santorin, Maramu or even the Sharki would be perfect. 

Good luck with your search.

Best wishes,


On 11 Jul 2019, at 17:29, Will Marks <William.L.Marks@...> wrote:

Hey Ian,
Thanks for the heads up about the aft berth. At 6'1" it may be a little tight, but I can't imagine ruling out the boat over that unless it totally egregious and I have to sleep in the fetal position. A very generous forum member has already emailed me with an offer to let us visit their boat in Florida, so will hopefully get a chance to find out for myself very soon.

The only Santorin that I have ever stepped aboard, circa 2009 in Carriacou, was owned by a rather tall German couple. I believe the boat was named Cayenne. Unless I am totally mis-remembering the gentleman's stature, it would suggest that they found a way to make it work.

A much appreciated tip, either way.


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