Re: Hoping to tour an Amel Santorin in USA

david bruce

Thank you for the recommendation Jean Pierre.  

Best,  Dave

sv Liesse  SN 006

On Jul 12, 2019, at 1:47 PM, Germain Jean-Pierre <jp.germain45@...> wrote:

Hello Will,

I have an SM fully refurbished by some inept Euro places.  However, I found one place where the work, engineering and ethics is fantastic.

It is yacht concept Mallorca.  Peter Kuklok is Geman and trained to a Degree in marine engineering.  He is now a friend and recommend you contact him or at least look at his website. Many other Amel owners have gone to him and everyone is satisfied.

Good luck

Jean-Pierre Germain
SY Eleuthera, Suva, Fiji

On 12 Jul 2019, at 16:59, davidcbruce57@... wrote:

Hi Will,  

We have a Santorin sloop, purchased in southern France, early model, SN006, but w an incredible investment by the former owner in the 3 yrs prior to our purchase, equal to cost of boat actually.  Having only coastal cruised so far we are really happy with the openness and simplicity of the sloop, but I can appreciate the comments regarding the balance of the rig, and I am adding a staysail stay to increase sail handling options, which would not be necessary with the ketch rig. (although several listed do have this modification i note). 

Regarding the aft berth, at 5’11” I do sleep a bit kitty cornered since I tend to have my arms under the pillow, which makes it a bit tight, if not for this it would be fine.  

Regarding purchasing in the Med, I would caution you of the logistical and financial implications of equipping the boat for your plans for long distance passage making, as very few boats in the Med are equipped as such.  We are faced with this, and the challenges include the exchange rate, the VAT, the language barriers, as well as varying levels of work ethic, shall we say,

  We are part time cruising at present and having work done in absentia is frought with potential hazards and expenses.  I am deciding where to have the bigger ticket items such as arch and solar array, install of SSB, auxiliary form of self steering, water maker done.  At present we are considering Turkey, but given the challenges we’ve had with even relatively minor type issues i am approaching all this with some trepidation.  

We do love the boat, it’s manageable, stable, comfortable, and safe. I do agree with Ian, that it’s a bit simpler than the SM, less expensive to buy and own, but a washing machine and stand up walk through to the aft cabin do have a certain appeal……. 

Good luck, I think you are making a great choice and if you have any questions feel free to contact me directly. 

Best regards,  Dave Bruce,  sv Liesse,  SN006

On Jul 11, 2019, at 2:40 PM, Scott Brown <sbrown@...> wrote:

Hi Will,

I’ve spent a couple of nights sleeping in the aft cabin of a Maramu, I’m 6 feet tall and found it quite comfortable. I’m assuming the Santorin dimensions are comparable but hopefully someone can verify this?

I’ve also heard of a few owners who have customised the aft cabin layout to incorporate a larger bed, so I’m sure there are ways to squeeze in taller owners :o)

Have you considered a Maramu? There are more on the market and they will often be lower in price than Santorin’s.

Aesthetically I prefer the sugar scoop rear of the Santorin but beyond this I think they are quite similar - anyone care to chime in with any other major differences between the two models?

Not sure if you have looked around a Super Maramu? If your budget can stretch, the additional space will be most welcome if you plan to have guests on board on a regular basis. If you plan to sail solo or as a couple, then the Santorin, Maramu or even the Sharki would be perfect. 

Good luck with your search.

Best wishes,


On 11 Jul 2019, at 17:29, Will Marks <William.L.Marks@...> wrote:

Hey Ian,
Thanks for the heads up about the aft berth. At 6'1" it may be a little tight, but I can't imagine ruling out the boat over that unless it totally egregious and I have to sleep in the fetal position. A very generous forum member has already emailed me with an offer to let us visit their boat in Florida, so will hopefully get a chance to find out for myself very soon.

The only Santorin that I have ever stepped aboard, circa 2009 in Carriacou, was owned by a rather tall German couple. I believe the boat was named Cayenne. Unless I am totally mis-remembering the gentleman's stature, it would suggest that they found a way to make it work. 

A much appreciated tip, either way.


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