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On your SM the hot water pressure accumulator tank was originally located between the water heater and the port side of the engine room.

Unfortunately, I have seen some owners remove this tank when it starts leaking. I assume they feel that there is no harm, but actually, they are over-pressurizing the hot water side of their freshwater system. This can cause many issues. If you no longer have the Amel-installed accumulator tank for the hot water system, you should install a 4-8 liter accumulator tank. It is normally connected to the hot water system via a hose from the freshwater manifold which is mounted on the aft bulkhead of the engine room. See photo below and note red circle on the hose.
Also see an image of a page from my Amel Book, attached.


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On Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 9:20 AM Thomas Kleman <lorient422@...> wrote:
Bill- I definitely have no accumulator tank in the circuit. I just thought all these years that the basic 40 had a relief valve set too low (7 bar ?). These relief valves tend to last me 1-2 years (I buy them in bulk). Can you send me a pic of the correct setup ? I've never seen one.

Thomas Kleman

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