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Mark Erdos

This LC1 D25008 is the switch that changes you automatically from shore/genset power. The wiring of this device can be somewhat confusing to the novice. If you are unsure, get an electrician.


The device needs to be replaced. It probably melted due to corrosion on the bare ends of the wires. This causes heat and then fire. You will need to trim back the wire cable to check for damaged wire.


I had two of these devices fail on Cream Puff and because of this I opted to replace it with a manual switch. Since we live on the boat full time we are either at anchor or on the hook. Changing over the manual switch is not a big deal. I installed one of these:





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yesterday I connected to 220V shore power, sockets worked as usual. Then I switched on the 220V battery charger and aircon.  A few seconds later all 220V power stopped and there was a burning smell in the galley and the large port cockpit locker.  No breakers gone on shore or the boat.  No possibility to get shore power working again.  The inverter still works but did not try the generator (due to an abundance of caution).

Today I traced the shore power cable to the forward end of the large port cockpit locker, behind the insulation and removable end panel. There was a lot of ash, which was never there before (I clean every year).  I opened the grey box that the mains cable terminated in, and there was evidence of melted electrical insulation and a lot of soot. Inside there was a “device” with the labels “Telemecanique” and “LC1 D25008”.  I googled this and found it is a “contactor” (I never heard of this word before). 

My questions are: did this device fail due to age and simply needs to be replaced (along with damaged wires), or did it protect me from something badly wrong and there is another problem elsewhere (battery charger or aircon).

I am waiting for an electrician, but maybe someone else has some advice?

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