Re: A.M.F.A fresh water pump on A54


You either need a new Square D pressure switch, and it adjusted correctly, or you need to adjust the current switch. If you have never adjusted the switch, you may find the 2 adjustments difficult as it is not intuitive.

Don't kick it as the rubber mounts will easily break.

Amel installed 2 different A.M.F.A/Reya fresh water pumps. The 66b and 88b. The 66b cutoff pressure is about 2.0 bar...turn ON at about 0.6 bar. The 88b settings are higher.

The accumulator air pressure should be measured with 0 bar water pressure in the freshwater system. Generally the air pressure should be 10-15% less than the cutoff water pressure.

There is a lot more in my 400 page Amel Book.

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On Tue, Jul 16, 2019, 6:57 AM Lior Keydar via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Hello everybody

The A.M.F.A fresh water pump stop sometimes working. After I give a soft "kick" on the pressure switch, it start working again. It looks like that the switch sometime does not start after the pressure goes down and when it start, the pressure goes up slowly.
Does anyone has any advise? can you please write me what is the hi and low pressure that it should work? and how much I should pump the accumulator tank (and how to measure it) ? I think it could be a dust somewhere?

Thanks a lot 
Lior, SHARONA A54 #18

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