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Mohammad Shirloo

Hello Lior;

The pressure switch is a mechanical switch that uses springs. The springs sometimes get rusty and old and do not function reliably and consistently. These switches are relatively inexpensive and in my opinion, better to replace than try to fix, when they start to get unreliable. However, some cleaning and lubricating the springs and connections, may work temporarily.

As far as the on and off pressures, we have set ours at 1.4 bars on and 3.0 bars off. You can vary these numbers a bit based on personal preference in water pressure and how often the pump cycles.

Going off memory, I believe that we have set the pressure inside the accumulator at 1.4 bars. This combination gives us good pressure and a good length of time between cycles. You can measure the pressure in the accumulator with a simple auto tire pressure gauge.


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Hello everybody

The A.M.F.A fresh water pump stop sometimes working. After I give a soft "kick" on the pressure switch, it start working again. It looks like that the switch sometime does not start after the pressure goes down and when it start, the pressure goes up slowly.
Does anyone has any advise? can you please write me what is the hi and low pressure that it should work? and how much I should pump the accumulator tank (and how to measure it) ? I think it could be a dust somewhere?

Thanks a lot 
Lior, SHARONA A54 #18

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