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I was not going to post this, but..........

If you set the jerry can above the tank you are filling, you can safely siphon without a "gizmo."
  • Place the jerry can at a level above the fuel tank fill opening
  • Place a piece of hose in the jerry can with the end near the bottom of the jerry can
  • Place the other end in the tank fill opening, or in a filter which is inserted into the tank
  • Place a clean rag around the opening of the jerry can where the hose is inserted
  • Blow into the opening on the jerry can (you can use your wet vac in reverse for this...I didn't)
  • Fuel will begin to siphon from the jerry jug into the tank
My grandkids loved learning this. 😀


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These are great. We have one. I also use it to transfer fuel for the dinghy. It is possible to leave the fuel can on the deck and the dink in the water. Saves trying to use a big funnel and spilling gas in the dinghy.



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An auto siphon, also called a jigger will empty a 5 gallon container in less than a minute.  I would only dispense direct to tank with fuel I trust otherwise I'd pre-filter it through a Baha Filter.  It's a fast way to add on fuel while underway with no mess.

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