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Eric Lindholm

You can find it on the site under press releases. I have copied the release here. I believe these powere plants are not turbocharged, but my yanmar distributor who is a whiz in all installations said they should work with all of the 4jh4-ae based powerplants. It is lean and light at only 21 kg. Eric

September 2007†
A compact, economical solution to the supply of onboard electricity for sailboats is being introduced by Yanmar Marine. The KMG65E generating system has been developed to work with YanmarĘs 3JH4 (39MPH) and 4JH4-AE (54MPH) diesel engines.

The generator is a mere 105mm deep and weighs just 21kg, fitting between the engine and transmission, whether standard gearbox or SD50 Saildrive. Boat owners have the choice of one or two remote power boxes, providing 3kW or 6kW at 230 volts, 50Hz.

Sufficient electricity is generated irrespective of engine speed or load: enough, for example, to run air conditioning, kitchen equipment, a computer, television and music system. The system can also be used to charge the boatĘs batteries.

Yanmar states that the KMG65E is lower in price, takes up less space. is simpler to install and more straightforward to use than competitive systems, with hardly any maintenance costs. Initially, it will be available with new engines.

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Re: Yanmar generator pack which slips between the motor and transmission.

Do you have a weblink or photos of this setup?



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