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Tom Steinhoff <sytoujours@...>

We just spent most of the summer in Trinidad, and would make the following recommendations:
1. If you simply are going to haul and leave your boat, Peake's would be your safest bet; the hauled boats are all in one area with no one working on their boat. This is very important as the summer wind and rain will definitely affect any boat near a boat that is being worked on.
2. If you are planning to haul and work on your boat, Power Boats would be a good choice; the staff is very helpful, and their recommended workers are generally excellent. Plus, there are a lot of boats being worked on by their owners, kind of helps knowing others are doing the same thing!
We had excellent work done at Power Boats and would go back to Trinidad to do any kind of serious work. However, we did spend about 6 weeks out at anchor and hated it. Do all your boat work, and get out! Trinidad is dirty and not particularly safe . Hope this helps, Bonnie and Tom Toujours currently in Puerto Rico

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From: David and Marian <>
Subject: [Amel] Trinidad hullouts
Date: Thursday, January 15, 2009, 6:57 AM

Hello all. We would like to leave Kilkea II in Trinidad from June until
November and would appreciate any info from any of you on which yard
you would recommended. Thanks David and Marian

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