Re: Main sheet boom slider broken

Paul Stascavage

Hello Eric,

My apologies if I was not clear. The blocks in the attached photo are the attachment points for the main sheet on the main boom. The block to the right in the photo was cracked, wiggled, and soon to fail. We had a new one fabricated in VA (see original post). 

The original block was screwed into the aluminum track (see photo of forward view of missen boom). This piece of aluminum is only about 1/8 inch thick. 

When i installed the new fabricated block and the one aft of it I slid the fabricated plates on top of the existing track and bolted them together with 1/4-20 Alan screws. Hence there is now 3/8 th’s inches of meat holding the block in place rather than the original 1/8 th inch. 

We hope to travel to your neck of the woods and Newport sometime mid August.  I will reach out to you when we have a better idea of our plans. 

All the best,

Paul Stascavage 

SM #466 s/v Rita Kathryn 
Currently Exploring City Island, NY

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