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david bruce

We have Spade on our Santorin, so no help here on sizing for you, but i will say that we are planning on switching to 25 kg Rocna as i feel the Spade can be difficult to set in harder packed sand, ( have seen it skipping) and also doesn t seem to punch through weed as well as i d like.   John Haries of Affordable Adventure Cruising speaks highly of the Spade and has taken pains to point out the 180 deg wind shift issue w the Rocna.  I might now look at the Ultra as Davi suggests.  Ultimately i guess there is no perfect anchor and technique counts for a lot.  
Good luck, 
Dave Bruce
sv Liesse  SN006 

On Jul 19, 2019, at 10:32 AM, Paul Osterberg <osterberg.paul.l@...> wrote:

We have lost confidence in our Rocna anchor, it served us well for over two years, but this season we have dragged several times, It happens when wind shift 180 degree, then we have slowly slipped backwards. After searching the market we have come to the conclusion that Spade is probably one of te best anchors, great holding power and very god 180 degree resetting.
Now my questions to you out there who have a spade anchor, What size do you have? what is the largest one can fit without major modifications on an SM? 
Would prefer the 45 kg S180 if it fits
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259 Horta The Azores

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