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Eric Freedman

Hi John,
It is easy to test the linear drive.
Just put voltage on the two heavy wires mine is 24 volts yours might be 12 volts.
The apply voltage to the thin 2 wires the clutch, always 12 volts.
If the drive doesn’t work, just take it apart it is very simple . It might be the gears inside or you might have to clean out the dust from the brushes or replace them. It is a very strong drive and is still used by Raymarine.

The planetary gears and the drive belt are also available.
Fair Winds
Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376

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Hi all

Nga Waka reached Nuku’alofa this afternoon after a slow head wind slog from Wellington; the last 7 days hand steered

The system on the yacht is a Raymarine ST6002 and has been very satisfactory.......until now! It’s a Non hydraulic system and we guess the problem may be brushes in the linear actuator.

Whether or not we can do a repair here in Nuku’alofa I’d like to purchase a second system to install so we might avoid the situation over the past week.

In that context has any one out there purchased an auto helm they find satisfactory and could you please provide a brand and model number.

Thanks for any help or advice anyone might supply

John Hayes sn 41

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