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Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Hello Peter,

I have lived aboard my SM2000 for 27 months continuously and find no problem with the showers. The later boats have a shower curtain that wraps around over the door, and if you stand with your back to the basin so that the spray is away from the wall, there is little to worry about. I just polish the door every month or so, and occasionally wipe the wall fabric over with a kitchen degreasing cleaner. I also shower at least twice a day.

If I have any criticism of the shower tray, it is the fact that the washbasin drain exits into the tray. When the yacht is hard pressed on the starboard tack and you pull the plug out of the basin, take your socks off first as the water tends to run towards the toilet bowl and up through the grating and not down the drain hole due to the angle of heel. Maybe if the basin drain pipe tee'd into the waste pipe below the centre floor, the problem would be eradicated, or lessened. Amel advise a max heel angle of 15 degrees for best performance, which would probably avoid the problem, but as we all know, this is not always possible to adhere to, especially when single handed and having a wash!

As an ex airline pilot who often frequented the RHKYC, I wonder where you will be berthed?

Best Wishes

Ian Shepherd SM #299 (and another soon) "Crusader"

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